Although our Manhattan and Los Angeles practices were only
just acquired, our Chattanooga location has been with Amplify for four months. We use it to demonstrate the impact of our growth initiatives, despite it being our smallest location.
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key highlights

High Revenue Patient Growth
Over the past 5 months we have increased the number of high revenue patients by 2 per month. Each of these patients generates $3,600 of high margin revenue over 6 months.
Patients Per Doctor Hour
While we are looking to add a second doctor we have shifted our focus to improving processes. We have successfully increased the patients seen per day by the doctor by over 30%

Revenue growth through process optimization

Although our business is heavily focused on adding new patients, we shifted our priorities once the doctor’s schedule was filled. The practice will significantly increase its revenue over the next 4 months as we implement process improvements. On the right you will see a list of initiatives currently being initiated, along with the dates when a revenue increase can be expected. The main reason for the gradual timing of the implementation is the hiring and training of new staff.

Impact on Revenue From Process Optimization

We anticipate an average monthly revenue increase of more than double over the next 4 months as these processes are implemented. The additional growth is on top of new patient growth from our marketing efforts and revenue growth enabled by finding a second doctor.

Impact on Revenue from High Revenue Patient Growth

Over the first 4 months of ownership we have averaged adding 2 new high revenue patients per month through our marketing. We believe this growth is an extremely conservative representation of the growth that we can provide at each location. By increasing 2 new patients per month we will be able to increase each practice's revenue by $86,400 per year. Notably these high revenue patients are seen by therapists and not the doctor, which makes it easier to scale and improve profit margins.

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